Our Team

Christos Giannakopoulos

Research Director IERSD/NOA

Christos focuses on climate
change modeling of extremes
and impacts on various sectors
such as energy demand, health,
tourism and forest fires.

Anna Karali

Research Fellow IERSD/NOA

Anna is a PhD candidate in
Climatology. She is working on
the analysis of regional climate
model projections to identify
impacts of climate change on
vital sectors such as energy
demand and forest fires.


Giannis Lemesios

Research Fellow IERSD/NOA

Giannis is Enironmentalist, MSc.
He focuses on the assessment
of climate change impacts and
adaptation of several sectors
such as agriculture, tourism
and public health as well as on
urban adaptation.

Vassilis Tenentes

Research Fellow IERSD/NOA

Vassilis is working on data processing,
software and web development.